Review: Capeside Coffee, Heidelberg

Originally published on Concrete Playground.

A petite gem serving up some of the best coffee in the northeast.

Let’s be real: Heidelberg was in a total drought of decent coffee — that is, until Capeside Coffee planted its roots in the northeastern suburb. Here, beans are from Seven Seeds and Small Batch, then put through a La Marzocco or transformed into a filter brew via a Bonavista machine.

The coffee speaks for itself, and doesn’t need to be hyped up with other design-driven distractions. At Capeside minimalism is key. Everything the cafe runs on is located on the centre island counter: the coffee machine, a cabinet of sweets and sandwiches, and the register. You can nab a seat on the bench space beside the front window or, if you’re lucky, claim the one, round table at the back of the space.

To eat, Capeside produces beautiful sandwiches made with Irrewarra sourdough that co-owner Hannah Lancman swears by. The fillings rotate weekly. Previously appearing sandwiches include the okonomiyaki (yes, okonomiyaki in a sandwich) with pickled ginger and Asian slaw, a wasabi-crumbed chicken schnitzel, and a ‘green pancake’ made with spinach, cumin and spring onion and paired with haloumi. Whatever you choose, this place doesn’t discriminate — all sandwiches are $10 regardless of their size or contents.

On Fridays and Saturdays, pies from wholesaler Ned’s Pies come out with fillings like beef cheek and Abbotsford Invalid Stout, and pork, apple and fennel. The pies are served with salad for $11. For something sweet to complement your coffee, biscuits and slices and travel from Windsor Deli and Bakewell and Co. The café doesn’t have any breakfast options, which is really the perfect excuse to have cake instead.

If you’re after great coffee and a sarnie or a sweet, Capeside is should be your new coffee stop. Plus, the cafe’s so compact, talking to others is inevitable — so you might make some new mates too.

Image credit: supplied.

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