Beau Kitchen and Cellar, Beaumaris

Originally published on Broadsheet.

A pan-European restaurant and cafe by the bay.

Beau Kitchen & Cellar serves those Beaumaris locals that don’t feel like trekking to Brighton or the city for dinner or a quick drink. The cafe, restaurant and bar is part of the larger Beaumaris Hotel redevelopment, which was transformed into apartments in 2016.

Owner Alf France is from the UK, where he ran multiple gastropubs in London. When he and his family decided to move to Australia, France was adamant about bringing one big hunk of cast iron with him – a Bertha oven, which is powered with either charcoal or wood. His beloved churns out Beau Kitchen’s danishes and Portuguese tarts, as well as more sizable breakfast, lunch and dinner items, such as shakshuka, fish of the day, steaks and roast chicken with house-made barbeque sauce.

To drink, you can pop into adjoining wine store Rack and Ruin and browse a wine list that’s more than just text. Bottles are imported from around the world alongside local beers.

If you fancy watching cyclists whiz past, sit outside on Beach Road. Otherwise, there are larger family tables inside, or a central bar made of Turkish marble. The rest of the space is highlighted with burnt orange, inspired by France’s admiration for Porsche 911s of this colour.

Image credit: Simon Shiff.

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