The New Beauty Brand You Need to Know About: 3INA

Originally published on Hussh.

A brand aiming to merge affordability and luxury, while remaining cruelty–free.

Glancing at one of 3INA’s stores from the outside, it’s easy to assume everything the brand sells is expensive. It’s not– nothing in the store exceeds $30.

The brand, which launched in February this year, offers well–valued cosmetics and skincare.

3INA (pronounced “mina”) is the brainchild of Pablo Rivera and Mark Eve, who worked for two years in pursuit of producing “vibrant products of the moment which express originality”.

The brand is vigorously expanding, launching in the United Kingdom first, followed by stores in Italy, Greece, Malta, South Africa and now Australia. The plan is to open 300 stores worldwide.

So far, the brand has opened two locations in Australia– in our very own Melbourne Central and Westfield Southland. General Manager Allison Smith says opening in Melbourne first was an obvious choice.

“Melbourne couldn’t be a more perfect fit for the bold, confident and creative nature of the brand,” Smith says.

3INA offers a cocktail of colourful products, which are all cruelty–free. All of the products are also vegan, excluding the lipsticks which contain beeswax.

The store has over 450 items for the eyes, lips, face and nails, as well as makeup accessories such as brushes and sponges.

Sure, it sounds like a lot of stock. But that’s not slowing down the brand which intends to “launch new products every four weeks”.

Smith says the hero product is the pen eyeliner, which is the top–selling product globally. The cream eyeshadows are also on the rise, as they’re “long lasting and totally dance proof”.

You’ll find 3INA’s stores on level one, Melbourne Central and level two, Westfield Southland.

Image credit: Karon Photography

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