The Morning Gloryville Rave is Back

Originally published on Broadsheet.

Maybe the best way to kick off the day is with a rave.

Dance is a calorie blaster, endorphin generator and joint lubricator. It may also hold the key to a productive day of work or study.

Monster dance event Morning Gloryville, which aims to invigorate people in the morning, returns to Melbourne after it launched last year. Think clubbing, in broad daylight. With sober people.

The chirpy Morning Gloryville crew offers free massages on arrival to deal with your creaky morning bones and to prepare you for the hours of dancing. Then, from 6.30–10.30am at 1000 £ Bend DJ Sunshine and DJ Salvador Darling are on the decks. Smoothies and coffees are on standby to give dancers some extra energy. And by that stage, who cares if you’re prepared for peak productivity later on – you’ve already achieved a dance marathon.

Morning Gloryville will be held on Wednesday September 9 from 6.30am to 10.30am at 1000 £ Bend.

Tickets are available here.

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