Thai-inspired Ice-Cream Pops Up in Windsor

Originally published on Broadsheet.

Think of it like teppanyaki, but an ice-cream version.

In the blistering heat of Phuket, Thailand, stumbling across cold-plate ice cream is like salvation. It’s by no means a trend over there – only a few vendors offer it. But it may well become one in Melbourne.

Justin Huang and Sam Kothari are behind Scroll – Melbourne’s first Thai cold-plate ice creamery – which serves preservative-free ice cream. The pop-up is right next door to Soldier On and Oak & Steel Wine Bar on High Street, and a few doors from Hanoi Hannah.

The scrolls are made using milk and cream from St David’s Dairy in Fitzroy. It’s then poured onto a -20°C cold plate and left to freeze. Different fillings are then added before being flattened against the mixture like a pancake. It’s then scraped up to form four or five pretty scrolls, and served up in a cup.

There are vegan options made with a coconut-cream base, which can be mixed with fresh fruits such as blueberries and lychee.

“After our pop-up at the Hank Marvin [markets], we realised there’s a demand for vegan and gluten-free ice cream in this area. It’s hard for traditional gelato stores to deliver vegan flavours, but the way our ice cream is made makes it easy,” Kothari says.

Non-vegan flavours include the Fresh Mint of Bel Air, a spin on choc-mint ice cream. It substitutes artificial flavouring for fresh mint leaves. The Pav-Lover combines meringue and fresh strawberries. The Nutter Butter Biscuit fuses Tim Tams, Nutella and peanut butter.

Huang and Kothari also want your input. If you suggest an impressive new ice-cream flavour during your visit, it goes on the menu and you get to name it. You score a free one, too, of course.

The Scroll pop-up store runs till end of February 2016.

Scroll Pop-up
190 High Street, Windsor

Daily 12pm till 12am

Image credit: supplied

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