Baba Sus, Glen Iris

Originally published on Broadsheet.

Baba Sus is Midori Hori and Daniel Liao’s pan-Asian cafe. Hori hails from Japan; and Liao has a Taiwanese-Thai background.

Their childhoods reappear in the form of Hong Kong egg waffles with vanilla custard and green tea ice cream (the cafe’s signature dish) and The Piglette – a ka prao (Thai basil) pork omelette with an Asian salad. Both are quite substantial, meaning you can have them for breakfast or lunch (all day and from 10.30am, respectively).

The cafe is a few steps away from Burwood Railway Station. If you’re in a rush, pick up a coffee through the express window, made with beans from Brewhouse Coffee Roasters in Bendigo. If you seek to stray from your regular routine, powerful Vietnamese coffee and Oolong tea are also available.

The interior is modern and clean, allowing attention to fall on kitsch little mementos from the childhoods of Hori and Liao, including Japanese crockery and figurines.

During the week, the space is calm, ideal for a business meeting or an afternoon drink (there’s a range of European, Australian and New Zealand wines). But by the time weekend comes, there’s a line snaking down the footpath.

Baba Sus
15-17 Bardolph Street
Glen Iris, 3146

Opening Hours

Tue to Sun 7:30 am – 4:00 pm

Image credit: Simon Shiff

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